1. A Rectangle With A Length Of 5 Cm And A Width Of 3 Cm * 1 Point A.16 Cm B.8 C…

1. A rectangle with a length of 5 cm and a width of 3 cm * 1 point
A.16 cm
B.8 cm
C.24 cm
D.30 cm
2. An scalene triangle with the ff. measurement: S1= 8m S2= 16 m S3= 12m * 1 point
A.26 m
B.36 m
C.28 m
D.48 m
3. A Trapezoidal park with sides of 16 m, 7m, 16 m and 14 m * 1 point
A.48 m
B.53 m
C.56 m
D.63 m
4. An equilateral triangular lot with sides of 15 m. * 1 point
A.30 m
B.25 m
C.45 m
D.60 m​






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