2. She Also. Saw Different Pair Of Roads That Are Intersecting Each Other….

2. She also. saw different pair of roads that are intersecting each other. Find which pair of road forms an intersecting line

A. Lanzones Street and Mabini Avenue

B.Suha Street and Mabini Avenue

C. Ubas Street and Mabini Avenue

D. Bayabas Street and Rizal Avenue​

To determine which pair of roads forms an intersecting line, we need to look for the streets that are perpendicular to each other, as those will form an intersection.

From the given options, we can see that Mabini Avenue is a common street in all of them. So, we need to look for the street that is perpendicular to Mabini Avenue.

Out of the given options, Bayabas Street is the only one that intersects with Rizal Avenue at a right angle. Therefore, the pair of roads that form an intersecting line are Bayabas Street and Rizal Avenue (Option D).

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