2. What Kind Of Season Is Characterized By A Pronounced Rain…

2. What kind of season is characterized by a pronounced rainy season with thunderstorms and starts in June then falls
alowly toward the end of the year?
A. Dry season
B. monsoon
C. wet season
D. snow
3. What prevailing winds influenced dry season in the Philipines?
A. southeast monsoon
C. northwest monsoon
B. northeast monsoon
D. southwest monsoon
4. Which activities can you do during wet season?
A. planting
C. swimming
B. drying crops
D. going to picnic
5. Before planning a beach outing, it would be best to check the
A. air mass
C. forecast
B. humidity
D. temperature
6. What does the northeast monsoon bring to the Philippines?
A. cold and dry air
C. dry season
B. cold and humid
D. wet season​


2. C

3. B

4. A

5. C

6. A


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