352 Ft Is ____ % Of 2 Mi; 2 Mi Is ____ % Of 352 Ft

352 ft is ____ % of 2 mi; 2 mi is ____ % of 352 ft


3.33% and 3000%

Step-by-step explanation:

We all know that CONVERSION OF UNITS is very important in solving any math problems with different units being used. Basic conversion of units typically include conversion of UNITS IN LENGTH (meters to feet, feet to miles, miles to kilometers, and etc.).

Refer to the problem above, there are only 2 units involved namely: miles and feet.

Recall that the CONVERSION FACTOR for converting 1 mile to feet is 1mile = 5280feet

So using the above factor, we first convert all units into 1 uniform unit to find for the percentage.

(352ft)x (1mile/5280ft) = 1/15 miles

Thus, 352 feet is equal to 1/15 miles.

Let us first answer the first one.

To find how much of a PERCENT 352ft is in 2 miles, we just need to divide 352ft (converted in miles) by 2 miles and multiply the answer by 100%.

((1/15miles) / (2miles))(100%)= 3.33%

Therefore, 352ft is 3.33% of 2 miles.

The second question is just the reverse of the first.

So we reverse the numbers.

((2miles)/(1/15))(100%) = 3000%

Thus, 2 miles is as large as 3000% of 352ft.

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