6. The Lively Puppy Upset The Table And Broke All The Dishes….

6. The lively puppy upset the table and broke all the dishes. A. turned over B.jumped C. worried D. troubled

7. When the wolf howls, the shy girl quails in the corner. A. birds B. cooks C. wails D. shrinks

8. The judge ruled the contract was invalid. A. void B. sickly C. hopeless D. tired

9. The family went to the La Mesa Eco Park so they could commune with nature. A. travel to work C. live as a group B. exchange D. communicate

10. Mr. Perez is a great import. A. products B. trading C, significance D. travels esHons.​


6.B. jumped

7.C. wails

8.A. void

9.C. live as a group

10.C. significance


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