A School Canteen Serves Lunch For Students. A Set Of Menu Consist Of…

A school canteen serves lunch for students. A set of menu consist of a nice, 1 type
of viand (chicken adobo, pork adobo and pinakbet). and 1 type of drinks (coke
sprite and orange) What is the probability that a student chose pork adobo and
sprite? Construct a tree diagram that shows the possible menu combinations​

pairs of viand and drinks

chicken adobo + coke

chicken adobo + sprite

chicken adobo + orange

pork adobo + coke

pork adobo + sprite

pork adobo + orange

pinakbet + coke

pinakbet + sprite

pinakbet + orange

3 viand x 3 drink = 9 pairs

there is only one pair for chicken adobo and sprite

therefore the probability for getting this pair

= 1/9

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