ARTS I. Write True If The Statement That Is Being Described Is Correct And False If…

I. Write True if the statement that is being described is correct and False if it is not.
1. The three-dimensional images are produced by 3D software.
2. Diagramming software is a computer program that is used to generate graphical diagrams.
3. Desktop publishing software are programs that create and edit images.
4. Vector graphics editors are employed in creating posters, flyers and any other printed media.
5. Editing programs for photography and graphics can be used for drawing, painting, topography
and photo enhancing.
6. Layout is not an important part of making a poster.
7. A common poster is not that limited in space.
8. Use a solid color for the background not a pattern.
9. A good layout artist, however does not use all the space in his/her poster.
10. Decide which important message do you want to communicate to your viewers.​


1. True

2. True

3. False

4. True

5. True

6. False

7. False

8. True

9. True

10. True


Kung ayaw mo maniwala na tama sagot ko edi wag kase di kita pinipilit na maniwala ka


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