ASSESSMENT 2 (SETTINGS, PROCESSES, METHODS, AND TOOLS IN COMMUNICATION) N: Identify the concept that is being describe. (10 points) 1. It refers to the institutions, the group of people, the processes, and the authority that runs our society according to the set of rules.​


As you recall from earlier modules, culture describes a group’s shared norms (or acceptable behaviors) and values, whereas society describes a group of people who live in a defined geographical area, and who interact with one another and share a common culture. For example, the United States is a society that encompasses many cultures. Social institutions are mechanisms or patterns of social order focused on meeting social needs, such as government, economy, education, family, healthcare, and religion. Some sociological methods focus on examining social institutions over time, or compare them to social institutions in other parts of the world. In the United States, for example, there is a system of free public education but no universal healthcare program, which is not the case in many other affluent, democratic countries. Throughout the rest of this course, we will devote much of our attention to studying these specific social institutions.

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