Choose The Letter Of The Correct Answer. Write Your Answer On The Answer Sheet Provide…

Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answer on the answer sheet provided
1 What is the abbreviation for tablespoon?
a. kg
C tsp
d. tbsp
2 Which of the following is the abbreviation for teaspoon?
a kg boz
di tbso
3. What does the abbreviation ‘ml’ stand for?
a. meter b. mince
c. Miller d millimeter
4 What ingredient is packed into cup when measured?
a. flour
b comsfarch c. white sugar
d brown sugar
5 What can be a substitute for butter
a oil
b. lard
Ccreen d. margarine
6. Which of the following is a substitute for dry bread crumbs?
a flour
b. chips
C. Cookie
d slice bread
7 what can be the best substitute for beef broth?
a. bones b. water
c. spices d. bouillon cube
8. Which is equivalent to 1 cup?
a. 120 ml b. 120 ml c. 250 ml d. 520 ml
9. f 1 cup has 16 tablespoons, how many tablespoons are there in 2 cups?
a 16 tbsp b. 24 tbsp C. 40 tbsp
10. If 1 tablespoon has 3 teaspoons, how many teaspoons are there in 3 tablespoons?
a. 6 tsp b.9 isp c. 12 tsp
d. 15 tsp
11. f 1 gallon is equal to 4 quarts, how many gallons are there in 10 quarts?
a 2 gallons b. 25 gallons c 3 gallons d. 3.5 gallons
12. a tablespoon has 15 milliers, how many militers are there in 5 tablespoons?
b.45 m
d. 75 ml
13 If a pound is equal to 2 cups, what is the equivalent of 7 cups in pounds?
a 3.5 lbs b 4 lbs C. 45 lbs d. 5 lbs
14 What is 122°F in C?
a 500 6100°C 15040 d 200C
15 What is 150°C in
250F 300°F 350 d. 400°F
d. 48 tsp​

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