Contract Labour Migration To The Middle East Ano Ang Suliranin Nito…

contract labour migration to the middle east ano ang suliranin nito at solusyon

Contract labour migration is what most Filipinos choose to do.  This is defined as just a ‘temporary’ contract of a person working in a country other than their own.  They usually go to places wherein there are many work forces needed in particular places.  There are a lot of Filipinos all over the world.  They choose to leave their families here in the Philippines to be able to earn, if not a lot, enough money for their basic needs.  

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1. Host countries enjoy the cheap labor cost.

Most of the Filipinos who go abroad tend to work as domestic helpers not only in the Middle East but also in many parts of the world.  When compared to the average income of a house helper in the Philippines to the average income of a house helper working abroad, it is no doubt that the latter has higher income.  Although, OFWs get to have a high income doing their jobs, foreign employers would choose to hire Filipino domestic helpers because their quality of work reaches beyond their expectations at a low cost.  

This low labor cost is set to the OFWs because they know that the Philippines has still lower salary for this kind of job.  It is also known to them that our country has a low cost of living compared to their country.  

Since our country says the OFWs are our “Makabangong Bayani” Follow these links for more information:  and

2. Most Filipinos believe that this is the best and the fastest way to achieve a better life.  

Filipinos would choose to go abroad because we all know that OFWs send high remittances.  Hence, with the help of what they send to their families,  a huge percentage of families are able to send their children to have a better education, thus, giving their children an opportunity for a better life in the future.  

3. Absence of their parents or family members.

What is it like to have parents who can give you materials things, yet you would still want to choose their presence?  Most children lack guidance and direct supervision from their parents.  

What to do to improve the effects of labor migration in the Philippines? And how do you solve the migration issues of Filipino workers?

I think on good way to solve the problem is to have better job opportunities here in the Philippines.   If only we have reasonable salaries for skilled and non-skilled workers, if only we increase the minimum salary of workers, no one would ever want to go back to the Middles East and other foreign countries just to serve other nationalities.  

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