Dentify The Following Statements. Write Your Answers On The Space P…

dentify the following statements. Write your answers on the space provided. (15 pts) 1. He is the father of modern Political Science. 2. It deals with the study of power in society, politics, and government. 3. It deals with the different perspectives and ideas regarding politics and govemance of different political philosophers from the ancient times 4. It is basically any written statement that limits or guides the behavior of certain group. 5. It is the power of the leader to rule and the power to exact obedience on his people. It is based on an acknowledge duty to obey rather than on any form of coercion or manipulation. 6. It is a group of people that governs a community or unit 7. It is the action of the government. 8. A form of government where the power is on the people 9. A government system where the power to rule inhented through bloodline. 10. A form of govemment in which one or more deities are recognized as supreme ruling authorities 11. A type of govemment where political power is exercised by a few privileged class 12. It is the heart of Political Science. 13. It is the capability to control and influence people’s behaviour. 14. It is the process of making choices by identifying a decision, gathering information, and assessing alternative resolutions 15. According to him, politics is the existence of rules or authority with in the state.”​

1. Aristotle

2. Political Science

3. Political Philosophy

4. Law

5. Legitimacy

6. Government

7. Public Policy

8. Democracy

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9. Monarchy

10. Theocracy

11. Oligarchy

12. Power

13. Power

14.  Decision-making

15. Harold Lasswell