Direction:answer The Following Questions. Write Your Answer In…

direction:answer the following questions. write your answer in a Saparate sheet. 1.what is the independent variable? 2.what is the dependent variable? 3.what should Larry’s conclusion be?​


The independent variable is the variable

the experimenter changes or controls and is assumed to have direct effect on the dependent variable.. The dependent variable is the variable being tested and measured in an experiment and is ‘dependent’ on the independent variable


‘yan lg muna, hope its helps

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So there's this larry theory that would explain a lot….. Should larry be sacked? number 10 mouser seen letting mouse run free. Conclusions essays paragraph sentence thesis logical statements idea concluding remarks basic

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Should Larry be sacked? Number 10 mouser seen letting mouse run free

downing mouser sacked letting pesky no10 escapes misses clutches

Lab conclusion & example. Solved 4) on december 31, 2021, the end of larry's used. Argumentative essay–conclusion

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