Directions: Draw A Bappy Face () On The Descript Characteristic Of A Commu…

Directions: Draw a bappy face () on the descript
characteristic of a community and a sad face ( ) on the unhealthy
one. Please use separate sheet of paper.
1. Free from any criminality
2. People screams at each other
3. Access to affordable healthy foods and water
4. Limited public transportation
5. Global warming
6. An educational facility for all the children and youth
7. Enough jobs for all the people
8. People do not follow rules
9. Poor quality housing
10. Have enough facilities such as hospitals and clinics
What characteristic of a community is ideal for you?
How can you make your community an ideal one?

paki answer po. kailangan ko agad answer niyo please​


1. 🙂

2. 🙁

3. 🙂

4. 🙁

5. 🙁

6. 🙂

7. 🙂

8. 🙁

9. 🙁

10. 🙂

yung additional questions, sa sarili mo na yan. alangan naman kami ay ikaw hehe

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