Directions Write Your Own Reflection Based On The Experiences During The Modul…

Directions write your own reflection based on the
experiences during the module journey


experiences during the Activity

end of the Activity​


1. What internal body organ is responsible for the continuous flow of blood that delivers oxygen and nutrients to all body parts?

A. brain B heart

C. kidneys

D. small intestine

2. Which body organs work together to break down the food into liquid

and nutrients?

A. muscles and bones

C. lungs and heart

B. stomach and intestines 3. Which body organs clean the blood?

A. bones and muscles

D. liver and kidneys

C. heart and lungs D. stomach and intestines

4. Which of the following statements does NOT describe the function of


B. kidneys and liver

A. helps us remember, think and understand B. filters the blood and removes waste materials

C. controls the beating of the heart and breathing D. controls the muscle movements like walking and writing

5. Why are the lungs important? A. They pump blood through the blood vessels.

B. They absorb nutrients from the food that we eat C. They filter harmful substances and store energy.

D. They provide oxygen from inhaled air to the bloodstream exhale carbon dioxide.

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