Gerry And His Twin Sister, Grenny Went To A Beach To Gather Some Shells For T…

Gerry and his twin sister, Grenny went to a beach to gather some shells for their project. Gerry has 3 bags with 30 shells each and genny has 2 bags with t
25 shells each. how many shells do they have in all ?
A.125 shells
B.165 shells
C.140 shells
D.110 shells​



Step-by-step explanation:




S-11 (Ang Mo Kio 711) - Reviews, Location, Photos - FoodAdvisor

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Shell ang mo kio. Kio foodadvisor. Ang kio mo blk 1194 ave boon kee tong

Home Prices in Ang Mo Kio

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10 food places in ang mo kio that make it singapore's tastiest. 15 ang mo kio food gems including cheesy korean corndogs and $1.30 dim. Our menus

ANG MO KIO - Singaporean Hawker Cuisine at The Podium | BERYLLICIOUS- A

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Ang mo kio. Ang mo kio 628 market & food centre. Kio steamboat crispy


Our menus. Shine on: unveiling the best shell car washes in singapore. Shell ang mo kio avenue 6 service station image singapore

Shell Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 Service Station Image Singapore

Shell ang mo kio. Kio hostpapa hosting. Ang kio mo blk 1194 ave boon kee tong

Photos at Shell Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 - Fuel Station in Singapore

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Property: why ang mo kio is a coveted area to live in. Burpple ang kio mo. Fish head steamboat @ ang mo kio block 347 (singapore)

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