HEALTH Put A Check Mark If The Statement Describes A Healthy School And Communi…

Put a check mark if the statement describes a healthy school and community
environment and a cross mark if not
1. School is near establishments which produce chemicals that is hazardous to
2. Rules and regulations in the community are strictly followed
3. There is a harmonious relationship between neighbors in the barangay
4. The city government is ready to respond in case of any natural disasters and
5. The small town lacks medical facilities, personnel and equipment
6. There is a full access to basic needs and supplies.
7. The resident area is prone to landslide and earthquakes.
8. The school follows the protocols given by the government to keep the
learners, parents and school staff safe.
9. The school and community environment are clean and safe
10. There is no promotion of and provision for child-friendly school.





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