II. Write True If The Statement Is Accurate And Correct; If Not,…

II. Write True if the statement is accurate and correct; if not, False.
11. Shapes are best in creating logos.
12. Any app can be used in creating logo.
13. Circles are not used in making logo.
14. A logo must be unique, can stand from other and easy to remember.
15.Logos should be appropriate to your business or products being sold.
16. Words or text is the only component of a logo.
17. Personal logo could be designed to symbolize personalities.
18. Initials of names can be a personal logo.
19. Thick lines make the logo appear closer and create a strong impact.
20. Symbols used in logos does not convey emotions.​


11. True

12. False

13. False

14. True

15. True

16. False

17. True

18. True

19. True

20. False


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