Kindly Sent Me Help Please! I Hope You Have A Great Week. Thank You And God…

kindly sent me help please! I hope you have a great week. thank you and God bless.

1. The birth of Sociology gave rise to the scientific and rational understanding of the society. How

did Erving Goffman contribute to the field?

A. He introduced participant observation as a tool for research.

B. He favored historical particularism as an approach in understanding society.

C. He theorized dramaturgical approach in analyzing social interactions and relationships.

D. He proposed the looking glass self-theory as a way of seeing behavior and social


2. Political Science is an important discipline that deals with laws, governmental processes, and state

formulation. Which among the following is NOT the primary concern of this field?

A. Government and Business

B. Political Dynamics

C. Public Administration

D. Social Institutions and Structures

3. Sociologists like Comte, Durkheim, and Weber gave their own views about society. What is society

according to a sociological perspective?

A. It is the people interacting with one another to create a culture.

B. It is the group of people working on attaining one’s personal desires.

C. It is the shared beliefs and values of residents in a certain territory.

D. It is the community of individuals building architecture and creating work of arts.

4. Edward B. Tylor described culture as “complex whole”. What does this mean?

A. Culture connects people.

B. Culture is the end-result of society.

C. Culture is about the activities of groups within society.

D. Culture is comprised of all the facets and work of humankind.

5. As a student studying this discipline, what is the most beneficial reason of having knowledge on

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the study of culture, society, and politics?

A. To make people ethnocentric.

B. To change the way people view the world.

C. To provide people avenues for self-expression.

D. To prepare people for active and responsible civic engagement.

6. Joshua is a Muslim while his friend, Benjie, is a Catholic. Sometimes, while doing their homework

in Benjie’s house, Joshua makes fun of the fact that Catholics have images of saints in their houses.

What should Benjie do about this problem?

A. Benjie should stop being friends with Joshua.

B. Benjie should retaliate by making fun of Joshua’s religion.

C. Benjie should talk to Joshua to explain their religious differences.

D. Benjie should do nothing. Joshua will eventually stop laughing about it.

7. Sienna is a Hindu, and she studies in a public school. Her parents forbade her to make friends with Christians because they are afraid that she will be bullied. She, however, has Christian friends, and they understand her religion because of what they learned from their lesson in World

Religions. What should Devi do about this problem?

A. Sienna should just avoid talking about her friends to her parents.

B. Sienna should just follow her parents since they know what is best for her.

C. Sienna should explain to her parents that religion should not be a barrier for friendship.

D. Sienna should tell the truth and explain to her parents that her Christian friends are nice.

8. Which of the following statement does not adhere to anthropological definition of culture?

A. It deals with power sharing and power struggle.

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B. It gives form and identity to a group or community of people.

C. It includes our norms, the standards, or rules of acceptable behavior.

D. It is manifested through both tangible and intangible evidence of human existence.

9. The several elements of culture tend to guide people in becoming an effective member of a

society. What is the meaning of norms?

A. They have a firm control to moral and ethical behavior.

B. These are the standard an expected behavior within a society.

C. They are behaviors of less importance yet still influence our behavior.

D. They are ordinance of reason enacted to protect the people from the bad effects of

outdated mores.

10.One of the goals of studying Anthropology is appreciate your own cultural identity. As a student,

what can you do to help preserve your culture and tradition?

A. I cannot do anything because I am still too young.

B. I will use the internet to research since we live in the modern times now.

C. I will imitate the culture of other countries especially those portrayed my favorite shows.

D. I will continue to learn more about our culture, practice it, and influence others to do the

same. ​














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