May Has 4/15 Meter Of Lace While Lovie Has 3/7 Meter, Longer Than May's Lace How…

May has 4/15 meter of lace while lovie has 3/7 meter, longer than may’s lace how many meters of lace do gils have altogether


30/49 meters

Step-by-step explanation:

Meter of lace May has=4/15 of n =4n/15

Meter of lace Lorie has = 4n/15 + 2/7

So, 4n/15+4n/15+2/7=n

=> 8n/15-n=-2/7

=> 8n-15n/15=-2/7 => 7n×7=2×15

=> n= -30/-49 =30/49 meters

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