Panuto:Itala Ang Mga Pangyayari Sa Kabanata Na Maiuugnay Sa…

Panuto:Itala ang mga pangyayari sa kabanata na maiuugnay sa kasalukuyan(Noli Me Tangere) PAHELP PO PLEASEEE NEED KO PO NGAYON…TY SA SASAGOT

nonsense answers=reported​


Directions: Read the article below and answer the questions that follow on

a paper

On this age of technology, sources of information include both print and

non-print materials. You have the choice which to use, so you should

know how these materials are different from each other. Print materials

refer to all paper publications in printed form. Examples of these are

published books, journals, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries and

encyclopedias – all these, you can hold and grab. You can scan through

their pages and read the contents conveniently. It is said that they are

reliable and affordable for most people who value these resources. On

the other hand, nonprint materials are those that have special formats.

The information they give can only be accessed or reached by using

machines or digital equipment like computers, tablets and cellular

phones. Examples of these materials are e-books, e-journals, e-

photographs, compact discs, records, slides, videos and films. These can

relay information faster. Now, the choice is yours.


Castillo, K., et. al. (2016). Joy in Learning English 5. Department of Education.

Vibal Group, Inc.

1. What is the main idea of the article?

2. What are the two sources of technology to gather information?

3. How do these two sources differ from each other?

4. Write the best summary you can for the article above.

pls pakisagot lahat na points ko nilagay ko na jan

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