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sence in the tea bine de your wo separate sheet of paper. secting increases Cummaly. Earth is composed of seven continents surrounded by different bodies of water. Locating a specific place would not be possible if not for Earth’s models such as maps and globes A is a two-dimensional drawing which be used on flat surfaces and is easily cared. On the other hand, a is a three-dimensional representation of the spherical shape of Earth. A unique feature of a globe is Earth’s tilt with respect to its North and South Poles. It also represents Earth’s position relative to Sun. Through time, both models have undergane modifications to represent Earth better. A common feature of maps and gobes is the presence of horizontal and vertical lines to form a Cartesian plane. These imaginary lines form a grid collectively known as the geographic coordinate system. The geographic poordinate system does not exist but it was drawn as a numerical reference which determines the locations of different places on Earth locating places on a map or since it is assumed globe uses these lines which are represented as that the world is spherical. Most maps usually draw these lines apart at a 15° interval Lines which run horizontally from east to west are called These to each other. Hence, latitudes do not meet or intersect. The This line divides Earth latitude which cuts the Earth in half is called the hemispheres. As a reference point, the equator as it approaches the two poles which is read as O latitude. The degree are read as 90 north latitude (90N) or 90° south latitude (90’S). and the climate. The The closer the latitude is to the equator, the Thus, it is clear that there is a relationship ciwser it is to the poles, the between the latitude of a place and the climate it experiences​

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The text discusses the two main models used to represent Earth: maps and globes. Maps are two-dimensional drawings that can be used on flat surfaces, while globes are three-dimensional representations of Earth’s spherical shape. Both models use a geographic coordinate system consisting of horizontal and vertical lines to form a grid. The horizontal lines are called latitudes, which run from east to west and are used to determine a place’s distance from the equator. The vertical lines are called longitudes, which run from north to south and are used to determine a place’s distance from the Prime Meridian. The text notes that the closer a place is to the equator, the warmer its climate is likely to be, while places closer to the poles tend to be colder. Overall, the text discusses how maps and globes are used to locate and understand different places on Earth, and how the geographic coordinate system is used as a reference for determining locations.

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