Task 3 Define Me! Define The Following Technical Vocabularies…

Task 3 Define Me! Define the following Technical Vocabularies of Theater or Play. 1. Callboard 2. Shotgun Mic 3. Prompt Book 4. Crossfader 5. Woofer​


1. Callboard: A callboard is a notice board or display in a theater or backstage area where important information is posted. It typically contains announcements about rehearsals, schedule changes, casting updates, and other relevant details for the production team and cast members.

2. Shotgun Mic: A shotgun microphone, also known as a boom microphone, is a highly directional microphone commonly used in theater and film productions. It features a long, narrow pickup pattern that focuses on capturing sound from a specific direction while reducing background noise and unwanted sound sources.

3. Prompt Book: A prompt book is a detailed and annotated script used by the stage manager during rehearsals and performances. It contains the script, blocking notes, technical cues, lighting and sound cues, and any other relevant information needed to execute the production smoothly. The prompt book serves as a reference for the stage manager to coordinate the various elements of the performance.

4. Crossfader: A crossfader is a control device used in audio mixing consoles or DJ equipment. In theater, a crossfader is often used in sound systems to smoothly transition between different audio sources or to fade in and out between scenes or music cues. It allows the sound operator to gradually adjust the audio levels between two or more sources.

5. Woofer: A woofer is a type of loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds, typically bass or sub-bass frequencies. It is responsible for producing deep, powerful, and resonant audio. In theater and play productions, woofers are often used as part of the sound reinforcement system to enhance the overall audio experience and create a more immersive environment for the audience.

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