True Or False 11.In Creating A Logo ,it Must Be Complicated So That It Will Bec…

true or false 11.In creating a logo ,it must be complicated so that it will become more interesting to the people. 12. Logo is influential tools that can make consumer trust a product as a unique brand. 13. the impact of a logo is important to an organization using it. 14. in creating a logo you cannot use your skill in art rather in needs you your skill in using computer. 15. a logo is a visual image of what your product brand represent. 16. successful logos have their own uniqueness. 17. a logo reflects a business commercial brand through the use of shapes and colors. 18. there is no specific software for logo making. 19. effective illustration of lines can gift so much impact on the product. 20. a logo is just a mark that reflect a bussiness. ​


11. TRUE 12. TRUE 13. TRUE 14. FALSE 15. TRUE 16. TRUE 17. TRUE 18. FALSE 19. TRUE 20. FALSE


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