True Or False.Read Each Statement Below A T…

True or false.Read each statement below a T on the line if you think a statement is an F on the line if you think the statement is False.
1.Computers do not paint for you more than a brush paints;but computers provide you with digital technologies that have become important in this competitive area. digital painting colors do not fade and brushes are never won out.
3.well-known digital painters gain their understanding step by step.
4.the element of art that can be horizontal,vertical or diagonal;straight or curved;thick or thin is color
5.the element of art that pertains to the area between and around object is space.
6.the principle of art that pertains to the distribution of the visual weight of objects,colors,texture and space is called balance.
7.setting your artwork from paper to computer is known as scan your art.
8.typewriter is absolutely essential to digital painting.without one,you cannot digitize your artwork.
9.Ram stands for Random Access Memory.
10.Drawing your image is first, scanning it into computer is the second:step three is using a computer program to transform your work bye cropping,editing,enhancing.lightening,darkening,shading,adding color,layering,styling ,or just about any other editing graphic you can think of.
11.white space is a vacant area in a poster.
12.A good layout artist,however, does not use all the space in his/her poster.
13.A common poster is limited in space.
14.Decide which important message do you want to communicate to your viewers.
15.Consider the elements and principles of arts in making a poster.​









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