What I Know: Pre-assessment Directions: Choose The Letter Of Your Answe…

What I Know: Pre-assessment Directions: Choose the letter of your answer. Write it in your TLE notebook.
1. An art and science of preparing food for consumption by using heat.
a. Technology
b. Cookery d. Practical Arts 2. The main task of a restaurant manager_ a. makes decisions on menus and day to day offerings. c. cooks and prepares large amount of food for events. 3. A kind of job that oversees the daily operations of restaurant and hotel kitchens. a. Restaurant Manager b. Restaurant Cook c. Front Office Agent d. Executive Chef 4. Putting up your own business requires a lot of patience, integrity and dedication. a. Hardworking b. Risk taker c. Committed d. Persistence c. Industrial Arts b. manages, leads and supervises the restaurant operations. d. prepares the food for photography in books 5. A characteristic of a person who is forward looking. a. Goal oriented b. Persistence c. Risk taker d. Committed 6. A characteristic of an entrepreneur who is strong enough in dealing and solving the challenges you may undertake as you go with running your business. a. Creative b. Risk taker c. Disciplined d. Honest 7. In a business SWOT stands for? a. Strengths, Wellbeing, Opportunities, Threat b. Sudden, Weaknesses, Outstanding, Threats c. Social Ways of Overcoming Threats d. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 8. A SWOT analysis looks at? a. The internal factors only b. Both internal and external factors c. The external factors only 9. In a SWOT analysis, which two elements are parts of the internal environment? a. Strength and threats b. Weaknesses and strengths c. Opportunities and threats
10. Which of the following display the traits of a successful chef?
a. They discourage employees creativity. b. They do things the way they were taught and do not change.
c. They are knowledgeable about many different foods and techniques. d. They do not allow employees to provide input on decision in the work place.
11. The following are the importance of cookery EXCEPT
a. Promote self-esteem
b. Start culinary career
c. Making money
d. Improve cooking skills
12. An individual who would like to engage in any business must possess a strong faith in his / her ability and capabilities in dealing with the different problems that she might encounter in running
a business.
b. Hardworking
d. None of the above
d. Weaknesses and threats a. Persistence
c. Self-confidence
d. Committed
13. What trait is shown if the person knows how to handle unusual events that may happen in the business?
a. Goal oriented
b. Copes with uncertainty
c. Hard working d. Committed
14. Which of the following statements hold true about SWOT Analysis?
a. Identifying the external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve the objective.
b. Involves specifying the objective of the business venture.
c. Identifying the internal factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve the objective.
d. All of these
15. Which of the following show weakness in the SWOT analysis?
a. The place is quite expensive.
b. Have a supportive parent.
c. Good in public speaking.
d. Lack of stress management skills.​

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