Wrong Word And Write The Correct Answer On The Space Provided Before Each N…

wrong word and write the correct answer on the space provided before each number.
Modified True or False. Write AMEN if the statement is true and if not encircle the
1. Our deep faith in God was adopted from the Portuguese.
2. The Philippines is the only Christian nation in Asia.
6. Music Ministers are the ones responsible for choosing the songs for
What I Know
3. All types of music can be played in a Mass.
4. Singing is another form of prayer
5. The community is the main celebrant of the Holy Mass.
the mass.
7. There are rules to be followed in selecting music for the liturgy.
8. There are no musical elements present in a liturgical music.
9. All parts of the mass should be sung at all times.
10. A chant is not a song.
11. Julian Felipe is the first Filipino to compose a mass.
12. The community must actively take part in every liturgical
13. Majority of our population are Christians.
14.The lyrics or text of a liturgical song must be in accordance to
Catholic teaching.
15. The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy gives rules about Liturgical




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