Read The Situation Below: Hasb An Araling Panlipunan (AP) Teacher Gave An Assignment To T…

Read the situation below: hasb An Araling Panlipunan (AP) teacher gave an assignment to the learners to research on significant events and people in the Philippine History. If you were one of the learners, would you know what books or references to look for at the library? Why?​


As one of the learners assigned to research significant events and people in Philippine history, there are several books and references that you could look for at the library. Here are some examples:

1. History textbooks: Look for textbooks specifically focused on Philippine history. These textbooks usually provide a comprehensive overview of various periods, events, and influential individuals in the country’s history.

2. Philippine history reference books: Check for reference books that specifically delve into Philippine history. These books often provide more in-depth information on specific topics, events, or individuals. They can be a valuable resource for detailed research.

3. Biographies and memoirs: Look for biographies or memoirs of notable figures in Philippine history. These books offer insights into the lives, experiences, and contributions of important individuals, allowing you to study their impact on the country.

4. Historical journals and articles: Explore academic journals or articles that focus on Philippine history. These sources can provide scholarly analysis, research findings, and different perspectives on specific events or periods.

5. Primary sources: Seek out primary sources such as original documents, letters, diaries, or newspapers from the time period being researched. These sources offer firsthand accounts and primary evidence that can enrich your understanding of historical events and figures.

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6. Online resources: Don’t forget to utilize online resources, such as reputable websites, digital archives, and online libraries dedicated to Philippine history. These sources can offer a wide range of information, documents, images, and multimedia materials.

When searching for books or references, it’s important to prioritize reliable and authoritative sources. Look for materials written by reputable historians or scholars, and cross-reference information to ensure accuracy. Additionally, consider the publication date to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date research and historical interpretations.

Remember, librarians can also be valuable resources in helping you locate relevant books, articles, or online sources for your research. Don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance in finding the most suitable references for your assignment.


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